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How We Make Grants

How We Make Grants

Walter S. and Lucienne B. Driskill Foundation's Grant Process

The Walter S. and Lucienne B. Driskill Foundation is always searching for novel and innovative programs that inspire young minds to utilize their innate curiosity and creativity, filling their lives with meaning, passion, purpose, hope, and a thirst for knowledge. We identify high-impact organizations that align with our mission and invite them to submit a proposal.

When making grants, we seek out organizations and programs that are creating significant, lasting, and transformational change in the life of today's youth. We look to help expand effective programs or facilitate new strategic partnerships and collaborations that have the possibility of becoming sustainable. A significant portion of our grantmaking is geographically focused in Chicago and Dupage metro areas.

Grant requests are accepted from January 1 thru the 31st each year.  Walter S. and Lucienne B. Driskill Foundation Annual Grants are awarded and announced in April of each year.