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Our Legacy

Walter S. Driskill

The Great Depression made a deep impression on Walter S. Driskill, who, as a teenager, sometimes went barefoot because his family could not afford to buy him shoes. Those experiences along with other challenging times drove him to excel in all aspects of his life - as a college football player, a WWII war hero, and an entrepreneur in the beer importing business. 

Walter never forgot his humble beginnings as he learned to accept what life offers up in stride. His dream of escaping his impoverished childhood became a reality when he focused on the challenge or problem at hand.   To Walter, life was a challenge from being a young boy working to save for college to a successful businessperson.  His  "first things first" approach was simple but highly effective.

In 1986 Walter and his wife Lucienne formed the Walter S. and Lucienne B. Driskill Foundation on medical research,  education and children in need. In 1994 the foundation was fully funded, and the work began. Visit Walter S. & Lucienne Driskill Foundation's    to understand how lives have been impacted because of a resilient young man's innate curiosity for a life filled with meaning, passion, purpose, and hope.