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Join Our Newsletter

Always be the first to know about what's going on with our organization. Sign up for our newsletter and join our social community.

What does our news letter consist of?

  • Updates on ongoing projects that we are funding
  • Stories and testimonies from kids and faculty about the programs and how it has helped
  • Articles that we have written or have received permission to distribute that follow our mission
  • Updates on upcoming events, new programs, and goals that we have set

The news letters will not be weekly, more so monthly and will soon become weekly as we work harder and faster as The Driskill Foundation continues to grow.

The news letter however is not a way of contacting us, if you have a question, idea, or want to volunteer, go to the Contact Us part of the site and fill out that form

If you want to Donate instead, click HERE to go to the donation page.

Please complete the form below to sign up for our newsletter.

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