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Slingshots Chicago Program

The Slingshots program is designed to help kids grow healthy and resilient. They offer many programs to teens, to which they can go to and learn about things that interest them and that can help them in the future. Some of the programs include carpentry, culinary, creative writing, and more! They also offer counseling for kids where they can sit and talk about their lives in a safe environment and learn how to help reduce stress and anxiety. Slingshots have over 900 volunteer hours and are always looking for more. These volunteers range from talented individuals helping teach these teens new tasks for their future or parents and teachers who bring clothes and food to help support these kids in need. 

The Driskill Foundation has given grants to Slingshots that will allow them to start a new carpentry shop in their building and to buy all of the necessary tools and equipment for it! The carpentry shop will enable kids to have hands-on experience with professional equipment that will be taught by professionals who know how to use them. This will help them succeed down the road with future careers that may require these types of skills.

The Driskill Foundation has provided a grant to fully equipped a kitchen that will help teach the needed culinary arts skills to teens.  With the help of a professional cook, teens will learn the basic skills of cooking, learn their way around the kitchen, learn spices and many other skills that will prepare and inspire them as they enter the working world.

To learn more about Slingshots go to, or you can donate to us the Driskill Foundation, and we will gladly give them your grant in your name.