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Mission and Vision

What We Believe In

Our Mission

To ignite the young people of Chicagoland and DuPage area to develop and unleash the power of their curiosity and creativity. We inspire them to live lives filled with meaning, passion, purpose, hope, and a thirst for knowledge. 

Our Vision

A future where opportunities for growth, personal development, and contributions to society are measured by the depths of one’s own curiosity and creativity.

Our Values

  • Promoting belonging and inclusion for all children to ignite and follow their passionate curiosity

  • Investing in innovative leaders, organizations, projects, and programs

  • Igniting a child's natural curiosity and creativity, while encouraging them to ask why and why not 

  • Maintaining the highest standard of quality in all that we do  

  • To ensure that all kids have a chance to reach their dreams

Our Why

Curiosity: Through literary research, discussions with community experts and learners, curiosity was revealed to play a significant role in motivation, personal development, and long-term health.
Creativity: Creating a healthy culture and environment by helping students develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and make responsible decisions.
Diversity: Programs that support diversity by providing opportunities for educational achievement and different thoughts regardless of racial and ethnic background, gender, or economic status.