June D. Barnard

CEO & President

Life was tough during the '50s and 60's on the northwest side of Chicago-or, so I thought. But, once I read the biography of Mr. Driskill, Without Cutting Corners, I realized every generation experiences hard times. The Great Depression, World Wars, and a Pandemic have long-lasting consequences. Yet, when I look at the pressures, fears, anxiety, and stress kids face today, I am amazed at our youth's continued determination and perseverance. 


Every day I realize it is a blessing and honor to be part of continuing the Driskill Legacy. I hope to bring continued hope, courage, strength, and self-confidence to the youth that surrounds us today. Through the Driskill Foundation Legacy, our vision is to ignite their curiosity and creativity by assisting them to discover the incredible opportunities around them regardless of their situation in life. Learning creative problem-solving skills at a young age can become second nature to today's youth as they walk through life. 

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