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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Welcome to the Driskill Foundation

Are You Curious?

The Driskill Foundation strives to ignite the young people of North America to develop and unleash the power of their curiosity and creativity. We inspire them to live lives filled with meaning, passion, purpose, hope, and a thirst for knowledge through funding innovative educational programs

Welcome to Innovation

Mindful of the serious life challenges currently being faced by young people today, The Driskill Foundation seeks to shine a light, pave a path, and help create opportunities that might not otherwise exist for discovery, personal development, and creative problem solving. We support programs that ignite curiosity and creativity promoting belonging and inclusion for all children to ignite and follow their passionate curiosity.

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Supporting Curiosity & Creativity

Using funds generously provided by our donors, we identify organizations best qualified to turn financial resources into impactful programs and initiatives, that demonstrate real, measurable results in support of this mission. Simply put, we strive to be the very best at connecting available resources with opportunities to stimulate curiosity that will have a real, lasting, positive impact on our young people.

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